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If you wish to talk about huckleberry rakes, picking wild huckleberries, or enjoying huckleberry gourmet foods, give Mal Dell a holler at:

Mal & Sandy
Gourmet Innovations
PO Box 2374
Orofino, ID 83544

Happy Huckleberry Picking, and we will see you in the mountains!

Sandy & Mal

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Mal grew up in the unforested region of the Treasure Valley near Nampa, Idaho. He couldn’t wait to move north, and started attending the University of Idaho as a forestry major in 1973.

The forests and mountains of the northern Rockies called to him, both spiritually and aesthetically.

In 1976, Dell discovered wild huckleberries, picking his first gallons near Sandpoint, Idaho while working as a summer forester for the Idaho Department of Lands. His co-worker TJ, a Sandpoint local, took him out to chase the purple berries and changed his fortunes!

The next morning, Mal Dell enjoyed huckleberry pancakes with maple syrup for the first time… still his favorite. (Although huckleberry cheesecake, syrup, and salad dressing are close!) Oh, and don’t forget huckleberry ice cream topping.

Mal still picks huckleberries as often as possible, in one or more locations in northern Idaho, and enjoys turning his fingers purple as he fills his face and buckets. Of course, since he discovered huckleberry picking tools in 2007 (and selling them in 2008) Mal enjoys even more of them!

He currently lives near Orofino with his wife, Sandy.

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Happy Huckleberry!

Sandy and Mal Dell, Proprietors!